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Welcome to the Developer Portal of NIBUD. Nibud is the knowledge center for household's reference expenditure data. We create APIs that can be used by various applicatons which needs these data. Our APIs enable third party developers to use our data in a very efficient manner. Less time consuming and very simple to use.

How it works


To use our APIs you will need to have an account on our Developer Portal. Creating an account is a simple two step process. Go to Sign Up. Please fill in the required details and submit the form.

You will receive an email with an activation link. Please click on the link to activate your account. When you have activated your account, you can visit the Products page, retrieve your API key and start a 30-day Free trial!

When the 30-day Trial period is over, we will contact you to purchase a licensed version. If you choose not to purchase a license your API key will be deleted.

Please Contact Us to know more about Licensing.

How to access the APIs

Once you have subscribed to one or more of our APIs you can start using the API operations by calling the API's URL from your environment using the API Keys that you can find in your Profile page (you must be signed in to retrieve your keys).

Our APIs are hosted securily on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. However if you prefer to include the APIs in our own environment then you can obtain the API as a Microsoft .Net DLL. See below for more information.

If you are interested in obtaining an API as a DLL, please Contact Us!

 DLL Support

  • Technical: Can be used with the Microsoft development platform without any problem. You will receive a technical document with "How-To" on using the DLL. For implementation using platforms other than Microsoft's an API would be ideal.

  • Availability: By using the DLL the availability is in your own hands like using an application in your own environment.

  • Maintenance/Updates: You will receive a new version of the DLL with the latest data in most cases with yearly updates.

  • Legal: The DLL is installed in your own environment. No data is sent to an external server.

We are here to support you

If you have any issues related to API consumption or usage , please Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.