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What is the Pensioenuitgaven API?

The Pensioenuitgaven API provides you with reference data on the household expenditure of a household. Our reference data provides important insight in how much a typical household spends. This can help determine possible financial risks after retirement and also helps in reducing those risks.

The Pensioenuitgaven API is a simplification of our Uitgaven API, targeted specifically at financial institutions in the retirement business. The Pensioenuitgaven API has only the input parameters and expenditure data relevant to this target audience. This makes the API easier and faster to implement without compromises on the quality of the data.

Why use Nibud's Pensioenuitgaven data?

Nibud is the knowledge center for expenditure data for households in the Netherlands. Based on research we identify factors that can influence average household expenditures. For example the household income, family size, age of the family members and the type of house they live in are some of the important considerations in identifying those factors. Nibud is.

How does it work?

The Pensioenuitgaven API can be used to create applications for retirement planning where reference expenditures are being used. For example to get insights in financial risks after retirement.

The Pensioenuitgaven API is targeted at people around and after retirement age. For a broader target audience, we recommend to use our Uitgaven API. Get in contact with us to discuss the best suitable option for your needs.

What will you need?

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