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What is the Uitgaven API?

With the Uitgaven API you get data for household expenditures. Whether it is gas, water, electricity, telephone etc. you can get the reference amount that can help determine if the amount spent on household expenses are within the viable range. Our reference data provide important insight in how much a typical household spends. This can help determine possible financial risks and also helps in reducing those risks.

Why use Nibud's Uitgaven data?

Nibud is the knowledge center for expenditure data for households. Based on research we identify factors that can influence average household expenditures. For example the household income, family size, age of the family members and the type of house they live in are some of the important considerations in identifying those factors.

How does it work?
The Uitgaven API helps you create applications where reference expenditures are being used. Be it for managing financial risk for a family, deciding on mortgage capacity or helping people plan their future expenses.

We provide two types of reference amounts:

  • Basic reference amounts - It's the minimum amount needed for living with necessary expenditures. To determine the minimum cost for expenditure depending upon the household type certain consideration are taken into account. This includes the must have expenditures for living e.g house, clothing, food, insurances, information (telephone, television and internet), transportation etc.

    The basic reference amounts are frequently used in tools used for "Debt Assistance".

  • Example reference amounts - The example reference amounts are calculated based on the income and household types. These amount reflect how much on an average the expenditures are from a typical household.

Using the Basic and Example amount data you can create your own application.

What will you need?

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