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What is the Afloscapaciteit API?

The Afloscapaciteit API provides you with insight in how much a typical household can pay off on his or her debt. This increases the chance that when a pay off arrangement with a client is made, the client is actually able to pay the agreed amount.

The Afloscapaciteit API uses Nibud expenditure data. With a limited number of questions you are able to calculate the amount the client can pay per month. This API is usefull for example for collection agencies.

Why use Nibud's Afloscapaciteit API?

Nibud is the knowledge center for expenditure data for households in the Netherlands. Based on research we identify factors that can influence average household expenditures. For example the household income, family size, number of cars of the household has and some specific oter expenditures are some of the important considerations in identifying the amount a debtor can pay off monthly.

How does it work?

Based on some questions about the household and the income 2 amounts are calculated. The monthly repay capacity and the maximum monthly repay capacity.

The monthly repay capacity is the amount the household is able to pay off still being able to pay their regular expenses.

The maximum monthly repay capacity is the amount the household can pay if they cut down on all their other expenses.

To be on the safe side the monthly repay capacity would be a good reference figure.

However it is posible the household had some higher or low expenditures that the average houdhold. To help with this the API also returns the monthly repay capacity and the maximum monthly repay capacity per expenditure type for example 'energy', 'transportation' or 'nutrition'. This will help the user of your software to come up with an optimized monthly repay capacity for the client.

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